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2024 OHCE State Leader Lessons

Nature and You: How Nature Impacts your Well-Being, Candance Gabel.

Research provides evidence that time spent in nature is good for your overall health and well-being. Here are a few benefits of spending time in nature: Improve your cognitive ability, specifically by boosting your ability to concentrate and increasing your attention span; improve your mood significantly in only 5 minutes; reduce feelings  of and physiological responses to stress. In this session you will learn ways to increase nature exposure and ultimately boost your physical health and well-being.


2023 OHCE State Leader Lessons

Who are the Character Critters?  Janna Kelley.

Families and Mental Health, Matt Brosi.


2024 OHCE District Leader Lessons

Alpha-gal Syndrome, Janice Hermann.

Alpha-gal syndrome (also called alpha-gal allergy, red meat allergy, or tick bite meat allergy) is a serious, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. Alpha-gal syndrome symptoms occur in some people, who have been bitten by a tick (mostly the Lone Star tick in U.S.), after they have eaten mammaliam meat or other products containing alpha-gal. Lone Star ticks are found through the southeastern and eastern United States, but have moved westward and are now found in Oklahoma.


Effective Communication and Facilitation Skills, Suzette Barta

Participants in this workshop at a District meeting will complete Module 2 of the Master FCS Volunteer Training. As a leader lesson, the presentation will cover basics such as understanding your AUDIENCE, public speaking tips, active listening, facilitator responsibilities, and characteristics of an effective facilitator.


2023 OHCE District Leader Lessons

Eating Healthy with Rising Food Prices, Janice Hermann.

Say Yes to FCS, Extension, and the Land Grant System, Suzette Barta.

2022 OHCE State Leader Lessons

Developing OHCE Member Enthusiasm, Suzette Barta and Gina Peek
How to Make Your Home Secure, Gina Peek

2022 OHCE District Leader Lessons

Diet and Inflammation, Janice Hermann
Dealing with Stress, Kelsey Ratcliff and Megan Monteith

2021 OHCE State Leader Lessons

Attracting Pollinators to Your Butterfly Garden, David Hillock
Promoting Diversity and Inclusion, Mike Stout

2021 OHCE State Learning Sessions

Mindful Eating, Candy Gabel

2021 OHCE District Leader Lessons

Sharing Family and History Through Food, Barbara Brown.
Food is a part of the making and sharing of the family culture beyond holidays and celebrations. At this session we will explore ways to share family history with younger generations, and learn more about their lives while doing so.
Immunizations and Vaccines: Benefits, Risks, and Effectiveness, Megan Monteith.
Learn the facts about immunizations and vaccines: how they are produced, what illnesses they prevent, and when you should get them. We will look at the benefits and risks of immunization, as well as dispelling the myths and misconceptions tied to vaccines.

2020 OHCE State Leader Lessons

Gut health. Dr. Janice Hermann, OCES Nutrition Education Specialist.
Education to Caregivers on services available to loved ones with dementia.
Dr. Kristopher Struckmeyer, OCES Caregiving Specialist.

2020 OHCE District Leader Lessons

What is normal aging? Dr. Kristopher Struckmeyer, OCES Caregiving Specialist.
Active listening for effective communication. Dr. Mike Stout, OCES Family and Community Policy Specialist.
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