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Prolonged drought leaves mark on beef industry

Cattle producers have been affected across Oklahoma by varying degrees of drought for the past two years.
A lone heifer calf with a red body and white face walking across a pasture primarily covered in dry, brown soil and little green vegetation.

OSU Extension Announcements

Chisholm Elementary news team to appear on SUNUP

March 23, 2023

Fifth-grade students from Enid will be featured on OSU Extension's agriculture television show.

Oklahoma Gardening wins horticulture award

February 28, 2023

The Oklahoma Gardening television crew was recognized by the American Society for Horticultural Science Southern Region.

Tom Royer to retire after more than 26 years of service

January 11, 2023

Tom Royer, Oklahoma State University Extension entomologist and Integrated Pest Management coordinator, is retiring on Feb. 1 after more than 26 years of service to the university and integrated pest management program.

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