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For Schools

  • Farm To You

    Farm to You is a 40 by 40 foot walk-through exhibit consisting of nine stations. Developed by Community Nutrition Education Programs (CNEP), Farm to You is designed to provide first through sixth grade students with the skills needed to make healthy lifestyle choices. As they travel through the exhibit, students will learn about the relationships between agriculture, food and health.

  • The OrganWise Guys

    The OrganWise Guys is a nutrition education program designed to teach healthy eating habits to children and them to engage in physical activity. Learn about what Oklahoma schools are doing with Extension and BlueCross/BlueShield to teach science and healthy eating to children.

For Parents

Cooperative Extension offers parents an array of classes to help you be the best parent that you can be and ensure that your children will grow up to their fullest potential. Our Extension Family and Consumer Sciences educators offer three Active Parenting programs:


First Five Years: Birth to Age 5

2017 Revere Awards Finalist video and discussion program of solutions to challenges of parenting infants and children. Included in the program: ages and stages of development; understanding what your baby’s cry means; building a positive bond with your child; using mindfulness to focus and calm yourself and your child; positive discipline; method of choice; and preparing your child for school success.


Active Parenting – 4th Edition: Ages 5 to 12

Flexible 3-, 4-, or 6-session class with video-embedded slides demonstrating solutions to today’s parenting challenges. Included in the class: concrete skills to maintain and build open communication with children; how the “method of choice” can prevent power struggles; how different styles of parenting affect how your child reacts; effective, nonviolent discipline skills; brain development in children and how it affects parenting decisions; how to teach positive values to children; how be more confident in your role as a parent; how to increase your children's academic success.


Active Parenting of Teens

Program focused on the particular challenges parents face when their children are going through the teen years. Included in the program: skills to help parents keep communication with teens open even in the midst of conflict; effective methods for preventing power struggles; modifying your parenting style to change how teens react; discipline and problem-solving with kids as they grow older; understanding the five goals of teen behavior; how to address teens’ need for challenge; roles parents can play in the prevention of alcohol abuse and other drug use; how to teach positive values to teens; how to be more confident in parenting your teen.


For a parenting class near you visit our calendar of Extension classes. Or contact an educator in your county.


For example of classes see the Extension webpage for Seminole County and learn about Seminole County FCS Extension Educator, Megan Anderson.

For Caregivers

Are you taking care of a loved one? At times, do you feel like you have more questions than answers? You’re not alone! About 4 in 5 caregivers say they need more information or training so they can provide better care for their loved one. The Oklahoma Caregiving Education Program (OkCEP) is here to help! OkCEP is designed to provide you with information on a wide range of topics that you may come across as you provide care. We will also help you locate resources in your area!




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