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Fact Sheet
Evaluation of Hard White Winter Wheat Breeder Lines for Alkaline Asian Noodles

A comparison of noodle quality made from Hard Winter Wheat advances breeder lines and commercial white varieties grown in different Oklahoma locations.

CropsFood ProductsGrains & OilseedsWheat
Fact Sheet
An Evaluation of Alternative Feed Delivery Systems for Cattle – For use in combination with the Feed System Analysis Spreadsheet

Learn about the benefits of the different types of alternative feeding systems through examples and how to use the Feed System Analysis Spreadsheet.

Beef CattleCow-CalfFarm & Ranch FinancesFood ProductsLivestock
Fact Sheet
Helpful Tips for Improving the Visual Appeal of Marketing Materials

Design guidelines will improve any marketing program and serve as an evaluation tool for prospective service providers’ portfolios or work examples.

Business Strategy & MarketingFood ProductsMarketing Strategy & Tactics
Fact Sheet
Formulating Food Products Without Trans Fats

Information on why reducing or choosing alternatives to trans-fat food applications is a healthier choice.

Food ProductsRegulations, Customer Requirements & Compliance
Fact Sheet
Trans-free Fat Alternatives

An overview of some low trans and trans free alternatives that have been developed.

Food ProductsHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Market Research Study: Organic, Free-range and Pasture Poultry

A study of the public’s general consensus towards organic, free-range and pasture poultry and where those trends are predicted to go.

Business Strategy & MarketingFood ProductsLivestockMarketing Strategy & TacticsPoultry
Fact Sheet
Solar Dehydrator Construction Plans

A guide to help provide construction plans for a large-scale, home-use, solar dehydrator for foods and agricultural products.

Energy ProductionFood ProductsSolar Energy
Fact Sheet
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