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Fact Sheet
Regulatory Landscape for the Direct Marketing of Meat and Poultry in Oklahoma

Owners of livestock and poultry in Oklahoma may have interest in marketing their animals, a portion of their animals or the meat/poultry from those animals directly to consumers. To accomplish this, the animals must be slaughtered and processed and prepared as finished meat/poultry cuts. There are four basic regulatory avenues for the direct marketing of meat/poultry, and each category has respective specifications and limitations within.

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Fact Sheet
The Craft Beer Brewery Boom in Oklahoma

Review the basic market for craft beer, how laws are affecting the Oklahoma market and what it could mean for the state.

Farm & Ranch FinancesFood ProcessingFood ProductsMarket Outlooks
Fact Sheet
Metal Detectors for Food Processing

How metal detectors are incorporated into food processing, what they can detect, how to install them and why they are important in operations.

Food ProcessingFood ProductsFood Safety, Quality Management & Sanitation
Fact Sheet
Nanotechnology and Opportunities for Agriculture and Food Systems

How the extremely small scale use of materials through nanotechnology can benefit food production and production agriculture.

Facilities & Equipment for Food ProcessingFood ProcessingFood Products
Fact Sheet
Water Use in the Food Industry

Proactive steps for water usage in the food industry and the impact water quality has on food products and operations.

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Fact Sheet
Food Processing Using a Co-Packer

If you have a great food item in your home and want to sell it for profit, begin by reading these tips on finding a co-packer that is right for you.

Food ProcessingFood ProductsPackaging & Labeling
Fact Sheet
Factors Affecting the Beef Choice-Select Spread

An overview of the Choice-Select spread calculation as well as supply and demand factors which widen or narrow the Choice-Select spread

Beef CattleFood ProcessingFood ProductsFood Safety, Quality Management & SanitationLivestock
Fact Sheet
What is a Processing Aid?

The purpose, criteria, ethics and safety of using food-processing aids in food production.

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