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Fact Sheet
Basics of Laminated Flooring

Consider the positives and the negatives of solid and engineered wood flooring while also learning about the individual layers that make up its structure.

Food ProductsForestryProcessing WoodWood, Pulp, & Paper Products
Fact Sheet
Industrial Deep Fat Frying

An explanation of industrial deep fat frying, types of operations, safety procedures, fryer management and maintenance practices.

Facilities & Equipment for Food ProcessingFood ProductsFood Safety, Quality Management & SanitationRegulations, Customer Requirements & Compliance
Fact Sheet
Dehydrator Optimization: Reduction of Energy Use and Carbon Emissions

Waste heat recovery as a method to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with food dehydration.

Equipment & Structures for Farms & RanchesEquipment for Farms and RanchesFood Products
Fact Sheet
Measurement Equipment for Food Product Development and Manufacturing

The basic information regarding measurement equipment for food product development and manufacturing for proper equipment selection.

Facilities & Equipment for Food ProcessingFood Products
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