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Fact Sheet
Alfalfa Stand Establishment

This sheet explains the alfalfa stand establishment and offers management suggestions to help producers reach this objective.

AlfalfaPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Nutritive Value of Feeds for Beef Cattle

The objective of feed evaluation is to provide a rapid and economical method to determine the nutrients available in a feed.

Beef CattleLivestockLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionLivestock NutritionPastures & ForageSilage
Fact Sheet
Forage Legumes and Nitrogen Production

Learn what to expect when using legumes for Nitrogen fixation, understand realistic benefits and drive out some unfounded anticipations.

Forage LegumesPastures & ForageSoilSoil Health & Fertility
Fact Sheet
Forage Quality Interpretations

Quality forages are crucial for the livestock industry; therefore, the following information will provide a description and explanation of analysis results.

Forage GrassesForage LegumesPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Forage Legumes for Oklahoma

A description of the forage legume varieties adapted and used in Oklahoma along with their growing specifications.

Forage LegumesPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Round Bale Hay Storage

Bale density, environmental conditions, orientation, buildings and storage costs are all things that should be considered when storing round bale hay.

HayPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Bermudagrass Pasture Management

Management practices for a bermudagrass pasture.

Forage GrassesPastures & Forage
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