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Fact Sheet
Forage Legumes for Oklahoma

A description of the forage legume varieties adapted and used in Oklahoma along with their growing specifications.

Forage LegumesPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Bermudagrass Pasture Management

Management practices for a bermudagrass pasture.

Forage GrassesPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Collecting Forage Samples for Analysis

Proper methods for collecting representative samples are a must in order to fully understand the benefits of forage testing.

Equipment & Structures for Farms & RanchesNatural Disaster RecoveryPastures & ForageStructures for Farms and RanchesWeather & Disaster Preparedness
Fact Sheet
Bunker Silo Sizing and Management

The management tips for properly locating, constructing and managing a bunker silo to obtain the maximum benefit in both feed quality and quantity.

CropsEquipment & Structures for Farms & RanchesEquipment for Farms and RanchesGrains & OilseedsPastures & ForageSilage
Fact Sheet
Native Hay Meadow Management

An outline of proper management practices when handling native hay meadows to achieve maximum long-term production potential.

HayPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Forage for Horses

Learn to optimize forage nutritive value, production and improve pastures.

ForageForage GrassesPastures & Forage
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