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Fact Sheet
Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Insurance Program (PRF)

The pasture, rangeland, forage insurance program (PRF) information and requirements.

Ag Law, Taxes, & InsuranceForageInsurancePasturesPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Grasshopper Management in Rangeland, Pastures and Crops

Information regarding damage control, population assessment and management options for grasshoppers in rangeland, field crops and gardens in Oklahoma.

Commercial Agriculture Insects, Pests, & DiseasesInsecticidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPastures & ForagePesticidesRangeland Management
Fact Sheet
Forage Species: Range, Description, and Life History

Information on commonly utilized forage species, including those for the bluegill, redear sunfish, thread-fin shad, golden shiner and fathead minnow.

Forage GrassesForage LegumesPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Forage-Budgeting Guidelines

Simplify budgeting by learning to estimate animal dry matter consumption, forage yields, forage requirements and projecting potential grazing seasons.

ForagePasturesPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Using Sunn Hemp as a Cover Crop in Oklahoma

The benefits and challenges of using sunn hemp as a summer cover crop in Oklahoma.

Forage LegumesPastures & ForageSoilSoil Health & Fertility
Fact Sheet
Insect Vectors of Pierce’s Disease in Oklahoma Vineyards

Management of Pierce’s disease depends on identifying key vector species, monitoring the vineyard and applying broad-spectrum insecticides to peak numbers.

Commercial Agriculture Insects, Pests, & DiseasesCropsFruits & Tree NutsGrapes & WineInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPasturesPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Alfalfa Weevil and Its Management in Oklahoma

Damages caused by alfalfa weevils and how to manage them during alfalfa production.

AlfalfaInsecticidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPastures & ForagePesticides
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