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Fact Sheet
Buying Beef for Home Freezers

A summary of common questions and advice to aid an individual when considering purchasing beef.

Beef CattleLivestock
Fact Sheet
Anaerobic Digestion of Animal Manures: Methane Production Potential of Waste Materials

An explanation of the three measurements used to find the range of methane producing materials in manure.

Energy ProductionLivestockManure & Litter ManagementWaste Management
Fact Sheet

Treatment, prevention and management methods for pinkeye in cattle.

Beef CattleLivestockLivestock Health & DiseaseLivestock Health, Disease & Nutrition
Fact Sheet
Bovine Trichomoniasis

The effects Trichomoniasis has on bovine productions in Oklahoma, how to identify it and the regulations that have been put into place to prevent its spread.

Beef CattleLivestockLivestock Genetics & ReproductionLivestock Health & DiseaseLivestock Health, Disease & Nutrition
Fact Sheet
Formulating Swine Rations

Learn why providing the correct swine rations will not only help your hog’s nutrition, but your pocket book.

LivestockLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionLivestock NutritionPigs, Hogs, Swine
Fact Sheet
Freeze Branding Cattle

Method of branding that uses extremely cold irons to replace the natural hair coat of cattle and a summary of its current procedures.

Beef CattleLivestock
Fact Sheet
A Pictorial Guide to Back Plaiting a Lead Rope

A step by step instruction guide on how to back plait a lead rope.

Fact Sheet
Feeding Management of the Equine

How to provide a ration with balanced nutrition that maximizes nutrient utilization while lessening the occurrence of digestive disorders in horses.

HorsesLivestockLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionLivestock Nutrition
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