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Fact Sheet
Artificial Incubation

Instructions and guidelines on how to practice proper artificial incubation techniques to improve poultry operations.

LivestockLivestock Genetics & ReproductionLivestock ReproductionPoultry
Fact Sheet
Starting a Sheep Enterprise

Things one should consider before getting into the sheep business along with basic tips and tricks for those who decide to.

Beginning FarmingFarm & Ranch FinancesLivestockSheep
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Color Patterns in Crossbred Beef Cattle

Get guidance on how to maintain a uniform color pattern when formulating crossbreed systems on breeds that unpredictable.

Beef CattleLivestockLivestock GeneticsLivestock Genetics & ReproductionLivestock Marketing
Fact Sheet
Use of By Product and Nontraditional Feeds for Horses

The different types of by-products and nontraditional feedstuffs available and safe for horse feeds.

Fact Sheet
Evaluating Rations for Horses

An overview on important feedstuffs, forages, supplements, how to evaluate rations, conversions and feed evaluation examples in horses.

HorsesLivestockLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionLivestock Nutrition
Fact Sheet
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