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Fact Sheet
Nutritive Value of Feeds for Beef Cattle

The objective of feed evaluation is to provide a rapid and economical method to determine the nutrients available in a feed.

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Fact Sheet
Use of By Product and Nontraditional Feeds for Horses

The different types of by-products and nontraditional feedstuffs available and safe for horse feeds.

Fact Sheet
Evaluating Rations for Horses

An overview on important feedstuffs, forages, supplements, how to evaluate rations, conversions and feed evaluation examples in horses.

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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Cattle Handling Safety in Working Facilities

How understanding animal behavior, animal vision, flight zone, corral systems and working equipment can make it safe when handling cattle.

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Fact Sheet
Electric Fencing for Sheep

A summary for construction, measurements and maintenance of an electric fence for sheep.

Equipment & Structures for Farms & RanchesGrazing ManagementLivestockRangeland ManagementSheep
Fact Sheet
Nitrate Toxicity in Livestock

The potential solutions to prevent nitrate toxicity by using nitrogen fertilizer and awareness of plant factors, the effect of weather and cattle management.

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