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Fact Sheet
Common Concerns During Pregnancy: Morning Sickness

Learn more about morning sickness and managing it. Morning sickness usually occurs in the morning, but it can happen anytime during the day. For many women, it is more common during the first three months of pregnancy.

Health, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Being Active During Pregnancy

Physical activity is important for a healthy pregnancy. Learn more about how to be active to promote a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Baby & Child NutritionExerciseHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Hydration and Athletes

By Ashton Greer; Jill Joyce, PhD, RD; Jenni Klufa, MS, RD, LD; Kennedy Kroll; and Gena Wollenberg, PhD, RD, CSSD, LD. Learn about staying hydrated during exercise.

ExerciseHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Nutrition and Heart Health In the Fire Service

By Jill Joyce, Katie Strait, Deana Hildebrand and Jay Dawes. Learn about nutrition and heart health for firefighters.

Adult NutritionDisease ManagementHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Weight Management

Basic information, components and tips for weight management and transitioning to a healthy lifestyle.

Disease ManagementExerciseHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutritionObesity
Fact Sheet
Nutrition for Older Adults: Diet and Health Guidelines For Weight Loss

Advice for older adults who are wanting to lose weight shifting the focus to healthy lifestyle changes.

Elderly NutritionHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Diet and High Blood Pressure

An explanation, factors and management practices for high blood pressure.

Health, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Journey through Health: Immune System

Age-related immune system problems can occur overtime; therefore, it’s important to learn how to maintain good health to fight back bacteria and viruses.

Health, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
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