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Nutrition and Heart Health In the Fire Service

A heart attack is the leading cause of on-duty death in the fire service.1


Figure 1. Cause of on-duty deaths.

Figure 1. Cause of on-duty deaths.


The most common personal health issues and heart disease risk factors among firefighters are high cholesterol and high blood pressure.3


Most heart disease among fire fighters is due to lifestyle. The good news — it is largely preventable by adopting healthy habits, like healthy eating and regular physical activity.


Nutrition Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) among Fire Fighters:

  • Many fire fighters are unaware of their unhealthy weight.4
    • About 75% of firefighters are overweight.
    • About 40% of firefighters are obese.
  • Fire fighters are interested in learning about healthy eating, but do not feel that health habits are being addressed by their employer.4,5
  • There are unique barriers to healthy eating among fire fighters.6


Figure 2. Barriers to healthy eating among firefighters.

Figure 2. Barriers to healthy eating among firefighters.


Next Steps

We know heart disease is a major concern among fire fighters. We also know many of the nutrition risk factors fire fighters experience. How do we address these factors to prevent heart disease deaths? Here are some ideas:


Figure 3. Ways to support healthy eating and heart health among firefighters.


Figure 3. Ways to support healthy eating and heart health among firefighters.



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