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Fact Sheet
The Economics of Gene Testing Cattle

Learn about what little is currently known about the basic economics of gene testing.

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Fact Sheet
Color Patterns in Crossbred Beef Cattle

Get guidance on how to maintain a uniform color pattern when formulating crossbreed systems on breeds that unpredictable.

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Fact Sheet
Nutritive Value of Feeds for Beef Cattle

The objective of feed evaluation is to provide a rapid and economical method to determine the nutrients available in a feed.

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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Cattle Handling Safety in Working Facilities

How understanding animal behavior, animal vision, flight zone, corral systems and working equipment can make it safe when handling cattle.

Beef CattleEquipment & Structures for Farms & RanchesEquipment for Farms and RanchesLivestockLivestock Management
Fact Sheet
Feeding Whole Soybeans and Drought- or Frost-Damaged Soybeans to Beef Cattle

An explanation of the benefits of feeding soybeans to cattle and the economic benefits of damaged soybeans being used as feed.

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Fact Sheet
Stocking Rate: The Key to Successful Livestock Production

No other single management practice affects profitability of livestock more than stocking rate, learn how to determine the proper stocking rate for your land.

Animal Unit Month (AUM)Beef CattleCarrying CapacityGrazing ManagementLivestockRangeland ManagementStocker Cattle
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