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Fact Sheet
Industrial Hemp Production: Risk Management

This sheet discusses the risks involved with industrial hemp production.

Business Strategy & MarketingCropsRisk Management
Fact Sheet
Vegetable Varieties for the Home Garden in Oklahoma

A list of vegetables that are suitable for growing in Oklahoma.

CropsOrganic & SustainableVegetables
Fact Sheet
Plant Growth Regulators in Cotton

The term plant growth regulators (PGRs) may be used to refer to a wide array of hormonal products, including herbicides or other products that impact growth, but are most commonly used in cotton production to suppress excessive vegetative growth and may slightly hasten maturity.

Fact Sheet
Management of Insect and Mite Pests in Soybean

Soybean pests, if not controlled when thresholds are exceeded, will reduce yield and quality of seed and oil. Yet soybeans have fewer serious insect pests compa...

Commercial Agriculture Insects, Pests, & DiseasesCropsGrains & OilseedsInsects, Pests, and DiseasesSoybeans
Fact Sheet
Diesel Fuels Derived from Renewable Sources

The objective of this fact sheet is to highlight the differences among the diesel fuels derived from renewable resources and produced by using different processing techniques.

Bioenergy, Biodiesel, & EthanolCropsFood Products
Fact Sheet
Oil and Oilseed Processing I

A guide to storing oil/oilseed and prepping for storage.

CropsFood ProductsGrains & Oilseeds
Fact Sheet
Field Key to Larvae in Corn

This key is designed to serve as a guide to identification of the more typical larvae of the common insect species found in Oklahoma corn fields during the mid- and late-season.

Commercial Agriculture Insects, Pests, & DiseasesCornCropsGrains & OilseedsInsects, Pests, and Diseases
Fact Sheet
A Resource Guide for Beginning Farmers in Oklahoma

This circular serves as a beginners guide for farmers by providing resources and recommendations essential to starting a farm.

Beginning FarmingBusiness Planning & ManagementBusiness Strategy & MarketingCropsFarm & Ranch FinancesOrganic & Sustainable
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