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Fact Sheet
Oklahoma Agricultural Soil Test Summary 2009-2013

A summary of the 2009-2013 soil tests from all 77 counties in Oklahoma.

SoilSoil Testing
Fact Sheet
Assessing Potential Forage Production Using the NRCS Web Soil Survey

A description of specific tools available in Web Soil Survey to estimate on-site forage availability without any previous on-site measurements or observations.

Pastures & ForageRangeland ManagementSoil
Fact Sheet
Strip-Till Considerations in Oklahoma

Strip-till in Oklahoma can fit into many cropping systems throughout the state, learn how to utilize the conservation tillage practice and its many benefits.

CropsSoilSoil ErosionSoil Moisture
Fact Sheet
No-till Wheat Production in Oklahoma

The equipment, variety, rotation, soil, disease, insects, weeds and economics involved with and needed in the decision to operate a no-till wheat production.

CropsGrains & OilseedsSoilSoil Health & FertilityWheat
Fact Sheet
Improving Soil Quality

Having a beautiful growing landscape begins with learning the basics of what makes a healthy soil.

SoilSoil Health & FertilitySoil Testing
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Oklahoma’s Native Vegetation Types

A list of the diverse plant species and communities in Oklahoma.

Rangeland ManagementSoilWildlife
Fact Sheet
An Alternative Poultry Litter Storage Technique for Improved Handling, Transport and Application: The “Mass Reduction System”

Implementation of the mass reduction system for improved handling, transportation and application as well as the economic benefits of poultry litter.

FertilizationLivestockManure & Litter ManagementPoultrySoil
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