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Fact Sheet
Single-layer Value-added Wood Composites from Under-utilized Species in Oklahoma

A summary of some important properties of experimental panels made from particles of whole-tree chipped material, as well as panels made from hybrid mixtures.

Brush Control (Invasive Woody Plants)Food ProductsForest Ecology, Management & CareForest HealthForestryMesquiteRangeland ManagementWood, Pulp, & Paper Products
Fact Sheet
Firebreaks for Prescribed Burning

Firebreaks, also known as fireguards, are one of the most important elements of a properly conducted prescribed fire.

ForestryPrescribed FireRangeland ManagementWildlife
Fact Sheet
Oriented Strand Board as a Building Material

The basic manufacturing steps of oriented strand board (OSB) and the properties as building material.

Food ProductsForestryProcessing Wood
Fact Sheet
Using Biosolids as a Plant Nutrient Source

The steps, methods and timing for application of biosolids as a plant nutrient source.

Forest Ecology, Management & CareForestrySilvicultureSoilSoil Health & Fertility
Fact Sheet
Safe Use of Chainsaws

A summary of some basic operating principles and safety aspects of using a chainsaw.

Forest Ecology, Management & CareForestryHarvesting of TreesHome Care & SafetyHome SafetySustainability
Fact Sheet
Fundamental Aspects of Kiln Drying Lumber

An explanation of the basics of kiln drying wood, a list of the most commonly used methods and drying schedules and defects.

Food ProductsForestryProcessing Wood
Fact Sheet
Practicalities in Air-Drying Lumber

A summary of practical aspects in relation to air drying lumber.

ForestryProcessing Wood
Fact Sheet
Prescribed Burn Associations

The guidelines and steps for starting a Prescribed Burn Association (PBA).

Fire Effects on Plants & SoilsForestryPrescribed FireRangeland ManagementSeasonal Fires
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