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Fact Sheet
Some Properties of Scrim Lumber Manufactured from Eastern Redcedar

Scrim lumber processes and properties for manufacturing long small diameter logs into disintegrated long fiber bundles.

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Fact Sheet
Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as a Value-Added Product

General and production-based Information about cross laminated timber, as well as the benefits and concerns associated with using CLT as a alternative value-added wood based product.

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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Cable Yarding in Timber Harvesting

This fact sheet introduces two basic systems of cable yarding for timber harvesting operation.

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Fact Sheet
Fundamental Aspects of Heat Treated Wood

This fact sheet summarizes the basics of typical heat treatment process, along with the results of some of the previous studies carried out in this area.

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Fact Sheet
Green Composite Panels Manufactured from Eastern Redcedar

This fact sheet summarizes some of the main aspects of particleboard manufactured from Eastern redcedar using non-toxic modified starch as green binder.

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Fact Sheet
Basics of Formaldehyde Emission from Wood Composite Panels

Formaldehyde is a widely used gas that is considered to be a health concern, but there is two known methods to determine emission from composite panels.

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