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Fact Sheet
Practicalities in Air-Drying Lumber

A summary of practical aspects in relation to air drying lumber.

ForestryProcessing Wood
Fact Sheet
Prescribed Burn Associations

The guidelines and steps for starting a Prescribed Burn Association (PBA).

Fire Effects on Plants & SoilsForestryPrescribed FireRangeland ManagementSeasonal Fires
Fact Sheet
Cedar Control by Individual Scorched-tree Ignition Following Fire

A description of factors that influence the extent of cedar control with prescribed fire such as tree height, fire type, fuel load, leaf moisture and weather.

Brush Control (Invasive Woody Plants)Eastern Red CedarForest Ecology, Management & CareForestryPrescribed FireRangeland Management
Fact Sheet
Biscogniauxia (Hypoxylon) Canker and Dieback of Trees

What Biscogniauxia Canker and dieback of oak trees is in Oklahoma and the proper control and prevention methods if symptoms occur.

Forest Ecology, Management & CareForest HealthForestryGardening & Lawn CareInsects, Pests, and DiseasesTrees
Fact Sheet
Use of Wood Composite Panels as Substrate for Cabinet Manufacturing

Summary of basic manufacturing steps, properties of the two types of panels and the importance in furniture and cabinet manufacture as a substrate.

ForestryProcessing WoodWood, Pulp, & Paper Products
Fact Sheet
Dimensional Changes in Wood

The role and differences of shrink rates and swell rates of varieties of wood.

ForestryProcessing WoodWood, Pulp, & Paper Products
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