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Fact Sheet
Use, Handling and Care of Vaccines

The types of vaccines and the proper care and handling of vaccines livestock producers use on their farm or ranch.

Disease ManagementHealth, Nutrition & Wellness
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Dietary Fat and Cholesterol

The basic units of fat and the effects and dangers fat has on the body.

Health, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Wellness for Older Adults in Daily Life

Wellness characteristics and recommendations specifically about the whole-person wellness model for adults more than 65 years old.

Aging & CaregivingCaregivingElderly NutritionHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
The American Diet: How Fats and Grains Affect your Health and Weight

Avoid weight related illnesses by understanding what is in your food and how to maintain a healthy body through proper nutrition.

Food ProductsHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Nutrition Facts Panel Changes: Combating an Old Problem with a New Look

What to expect on the new nutrition facts labels, the changes that were made and why they were changed for accurate readings of nutrition labels.

Food ProductsHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutritionPackaging & LabelingRegulations, Customer Requirements & Compliance
Fact Sheet
Lipid Glossary

A summary of lipid-related terminology commonly used in industry and scientific literature.

Cooking & Food SafetyDisease ManagementFood ProductsFood SafetyHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutritionObesity
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