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Fact Sheet
Let’s move more

As children grow and develop it is just as important for them to play as a young child as it is when they are older so they build healthy lifestyle habits.

Cooking & Food SafetyDisease ManagementExerciseFood SafetyHealth, Nutrition & Wellness
Fact Sheet
Keep food safe

An emphasis on the importance of food safety and sanitation in the home to help fight invisible bacteria.

Canning & Food PreservationCooking & Food SafetyFood Safety
Fact Sheet

An overview of the nutritional value and uses of the different kinds of shortenings.

Cooking & Food SafetyCooking Techniques & RecipesFood ProductsHealth, Nutrition & Wellness
Fact Sheet
Margarines and Spreads

The differences between spreads and margarines and how that corresponds to the labeling requirements and different types of margarines.

Cooking & Food SafetyCooking Techniques & RecipesFood ProductsFood SafetyHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Gourmet and Specialty Oils

Chemical, physical and organoleptic properties of economically important specialty and gourmet oils organized in alphabetical order.

Cooking & Food SafetyCooking Techniques & RecipesFood Products
Fact Sheet
Steam Basics for Food Processors

An introduction to the vocabulary and use of steam with examples of it used in food processing equipment.

Cooking & Food SafetyFood Products
Fact Sheet
Foods, Health and Omega-3 Oils

An explanation on why fats and oils are an important component to a well-rounded diet.

Cooking & Food SafetyCooking Techniques & RecipesFood ProductsHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Food Pathogens of Concern: Listeria monocytogenes

An extensive background on listeria and sought-out explanations for possible treatments.

Cooking & Food SafetyFood ProductsFood Safety
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