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Fact Sheet
The Health Risks of Fad Diets

Fad diets have grown in popularity in recent years. This is due to the rise in obesity, social media use and society’s pressure to be thin.

Cooking & Food Safety
Fact Sheet
Culinary Herbs for Oklahoma Gardens: Culture, Use and Preservation

Herbs are plants with fragrant properties found in leaves, stems and roots that can be used culinarily.

Cooking & Food SafetyFlowersGardening & Lawn Care
Fact Sheet
Clarifying the OK Home Baking Act of 2017

An explanation of the Home Baking Act of 2017 that also provides home bakers some basic tips for maintaining safe and wholesome baked goods.

Cooking & Food SafetyFood Products
Fact Sheet
Filler Identification and Selection for Liquid Foods

Learn about the types of fillers available for liquid food products and selection criterion for the best alternative.

Cooking & Food SafetyFacilities & Equipment for Food ProcessingFood ProductsFood SafetyPackaging & Labeling
Fact Sheet
Let’s move more

As children grow and develop it is just as important for them to play as a young child as it is when they are older so they build healthy lifestyle habits.

Cooking & Food SafetyDisease ManagementExerciseFood SafetyHealth, Nutrition & Wellness
Fact Sheet
Keep food safe

An emphasis on the importance of food safety and sanitation in the home to help fight invisible bacteria.

Canning & Food PreservationCooking & Food SafetyFood Safety
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