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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Dual Purpose Wheat: Management for Forage and Grain Production

Management practices and nutrient requirements of dual purpose wheat in forage and grain production.

CropsForageGrains & OilseedsPastures & ForageWheat
Fact Sheet
Alfalfa Production Guide for the Southern Great Plains

A guide that provides ways to improve forage yield, stand life, and profits during alfalfa production.

AlfalfaPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Sandbur Control in Bermudagrass Pasture

Learn how to identify, control and prevent the highly invasive bermudagrass pest, sandburs.

Forage GrassesPastures & Forage
Fact Sheet
Johnsongrass in Pastures: Weed or Forage?

An aid for Johngrass identification and maintenance practices that also points out the benefits and drawbacks of weed in pastures.

ForageInvasive WeedsPastures & ForageRangeland Management
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Evaluating Hay Quality Based on Sight, Smell and Feel – Hay Judging

A summary of important physical factors such as sight, smell and feel that should be considered during visual hay inspection.

HayPastures & Forage
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