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Fact Sheet
Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Soil

How to manage nitrous oxide emissions from soil, how to use split nitrogen applications and cover crops to reduce emissions.

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Fact Sheet
Land Application of Biosolids in Oklahoma Soils

The guidelines for acceptable chemical contents of biosolids and their effects on soil.

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Fact Sheet
The History of the GreenSeeker™ Sensor

Learn about the history of the GreenSeeker sensors that are used to make mid-season Nitrogen rate recommendations.

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Fact Sheet
Soil Test Interpretations For Vegetable Crops

Learn how to determine the fertilizer needs of vegetables by knowing how to interpret soil test results to.

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Fact Sheet
Oklahoma Agricultural Soil Test Summary 2009-2013

A summary of the 2009-2013 soil tests from all 77 counties in Oklahoma.

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Fact Sheet
Improving Soil Quality

Having a beautiful growing landscape begins with learning the basics of what makes a healthy soil.

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