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Fact Sheet
Soil pH and Buffer Index

The general concept of soil pH and Buffer Index and how the soil test values are used in making Aglime recommendations.

SoilSoil Testing
Fact Sheet
Using the GreenSeeker™ Handheld Sensor and Sensor-Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator

The benefits, techniques and a step-by-step guide on how to use the Sensor-based Nitrogen Rate Calculator.

SoilSoil Health & FertilitySoil Testing
Fact Sheet
Fertilizing Pecan and Fruit Trees

A look at how plant and fruit production can be stimulated by cultivation, heavy pruning, irrigation and application of fertilizer.

Apples & PearsCropsFertilizationFruits & Tree NutsPeaches & NectarinesPecans & WalnutsSoilSoil Testing
Fact Sheet
Soil Testing…the Right First Step

Understanding soil tests allow lawn managers to effectively grow lawns and productive gardens by knowing what is missing from the soil and how to improve it.

SoilSoil Testing
Fact Sheet
How to Get a Good Soil Sample

Considerations that should be taken into account to get the greatest benefit from soil testing.

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