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Fact Sheet
Farmers in Transition: Farm Family Decision-Making

A detailed outline of the step-by-step process for decision-making while going through a transition.

Estate Planning & TransitionsFarm & Ranch FinancesNatural Disaster RecoveryWeather & Disaster Preparedness
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Health Impacts on Animal Performance from the OK Steer Feedout Program—1990-2005

Data on animal health dating back to 1990 through 2005 regarding feedlot and carcass performance.

Beef CattleFarm & Ranch FinancesLivestockMarket Outlooks
Fact Sheet
Ten Tips for Utilizing A Cattle Sale Catalog

A list of tips to help better understand the information in cattle sale catalogs.

Farm & Ranch FinancesMarket Outlooks
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Oklahoma Pasture Rental Rates 2016-2017

A 2016-2017 survey reporting the rental agreements, rates and influencing factors of leasing pasture land in Oklahoma.

Farm & Ranch FinancesLeasing & Rental Rates
Fact Sheet
Oklahoma Cropland Rental Rates: 2016-17

A 2016-2017 survey reporting the rental agreement, rates and influencing factors of leasing farmland in Oklahoma.

Business Strategy & MarketingCrop EconomicsFarm & Ranch FinancesLeasing & Rental Rates
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