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Fact Sheet
Tax Aspects of Leasing

Parents or expecting parents will understand the importance of interacting with their children.

Ag Law, Taxes, & InsuranceFarm & Ranch FinancesLeasing & Rental Rates
Fact Sheet
Starting a Sheep Enterprise

Things one should consider before getting into the sheep business along with basic tips and tricks for those who decide to.

Beginning FarmingFarm & Ranch FinancesLivestockSheep
Fact Sheet
Capital Leases

A description of the different types of leases, depreciation and applications for leases.

Ag Law, Taxes, & InsuranceFarm & Ranch FinancesLeasing & Rental Rates
Fact Sheet
Lease Hunting Opportunities for Oklahoma Landowners

A description of lease hunting, the different types of lease hunting and what to include in a lease agreement.

Farm & Ranch FinancesHuntingLeasing & Rental RatesWildlife
Fact Sheet
Developing a Business Plan for Value-Added Agricultural Products

The contents of a typical business plan, specifically in food and agricultural operations.

Budgets & RecordkeepingBusiness Planning & ManagementFarm & Ranch Finances
Fact Sheet
The Environment for Oklahoma Agricultural Land Values, Past and Present

Population and land price statistics are listed to attempt to find a reason for the increasing agricultural land prices over time.

Farm & Ranch FinancesLand Values
Fact Sheet
Meat Goat Marketing and Price Seasonality

An explanation of differences in seasonal patterns across markets to help meat goat producers better understand seasonality as it applies to goat marketing.

Farm & Ranch FinancesGoatsLivestockMarket Outlooks
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