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Fact Sheet
Xeriscape Demonstration Garden: Edmond, Oklahoma

Basic information and principles of creating a landscape that helps save water in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Gardening & Lawn CareIrrigation of Lawns & Gardens
Fact Sheet
Lawn Watering Tips

A summary of proper lawn care watering techniques and how to grow a better lawn.

Gardening & Lawn CareIrrigation of Lawns & GardensLandscapingLawns & Turfgrass
Fact Sheet
Turfgrass Management in Oklahoma

Learn how to reduce wind and water erosion by maintaining a healthy turfgrass yard through planning and proper upkeep.

BermudagrassFescueGardening & Lawn CareLawns & TurfgrassZoysia
Fact Sheet
Augmentation Biological Control Practices for the Home Landscape

How to implement different augmentation approaches for biological control of pests and descriptions of each for proper selection.

Commercial Agriculture Insects, Pests, & DiseasesGardening & Lawn CareInsects, Pests, and DiseasesOrganic & Sustainable Pest Control
Fact Sheet

An explanation on what hydroponics is, instructions for how to construct a system and guidelines on how to maintain a growing garden.

CropsGardening & Lawn CareGreenhouses & Indoor GardeningHydroponicsOrganic & Sustainable
Fact Sheet
Plant Selection Factors

Five plant selection factors when choosing plants for a landscape garden.

Gardening & Lawn Care
Fact Sheet
All You Need To Know About Mulch

The benefits of using mulch, the different types of mulches that are available and proper mulching practices.

Composting, Fertilizing, & MulchingGardening & Lawn Care
Fact Sheet
Electrical Conductivity and pH Guide for Hydroponics

A guide to optimal water alkalinity, pH levels for certain plants in hydroponics and the difference between soil and soilless culture.

CropsGardening & Lawn CareGreenhouses & Indoor GardeningHydroponicsOrganic & Sustainable
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