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Fact Sheet
Lawn Management in Oklahoma

The home lawn is an integral part of the total landscape. It provides a setting for trees and ornamentals, as well as the home. The lawn also provides a setting...

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Fact Sheet
Commercial Management of Turfgrass Insects and Mites

Pest problems can be avoided by following good practices such as selection of Oklahoma-adapted varieties that are resistant to commonly encountered annoyances.

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Fact Sheet
Xeriscape Garden Plants

This brochure discusses the various low water demanding plants to be used in xeriscape gardening.

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Fact Sheet
Using Lagoon Effluent as Fertilizer

The steps to properly manage and use lagoon effluent as a nutrient source for crop production. Management practices include crop nutrient requirements, effluent nutrient content, availability to crops and irrigation requirements.

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Fact Sheet
Rock Gardening in Oklahoma

This circular discusses rock gardening, including site selection, construction of rock detail, and plant selection.

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Fact Sheet
Lawn Care Safety and Basic Maintenance Tips for Teens

This fact sheet covers proper protective equipment and how to properly maintain common lawn care tools and machinery such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

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