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Fact Sheet
Growing Elderberries in Oklahoma

Native to Oklahoma, elderberries is a crop often harvested from the wild for a variety of uses while also supplying significant health benefits.

BerriesCropsFruits & Tree NutsGardening & Lawn Care
Fact Sheet
Asparagus Culture in the Home Garden

Learn about the process of growing and harvesting asparagus at home.

CropsGardening & Lawn CareOrganic & SustainableVegetables
Fact Sheet
Diseases of Roses

Rose descriptions and the common fungal, viral, nematode and nutritional diseases among them.

FlowersGardening & Lawn CareInsects, Pests, and DiseasesLawn & Garden Insects, Pests, & Diseases
Fact Sheet
Pruning Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

The tools, materials and benefits of pruning ornamental trees, shrubs and vines in home landscaping.

CropsGardening & Lawn CareLandscapingOrnamentalsShrubsTrees
Fact Sheet
The Care and Handling of Cut Flowers

Care and handling guidelines useful to growers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers critical to the success of cut flower production in Oklahoma.

FlowersGardening & Lawn Care
Fact Sheet
Children’s Gardens in Which to Learn and Grow

The proper steps to ensure that an outdoor garden classroom develops into a functional space that is utilized year-round.

4H Youth DevelopmentGardening & Lawn CareVolunteer Development
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