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Fact Sheet
Herbicide Programs for Italian Ryegrass Control in Winter Wheat

Understand why Italian ryegrass is an important problem in wheat production due to the widespread presence of herbicide resistant populations.

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Fact Sheet
2017-2018 Small Grains Variety Performance Tests

Range of data points in 2017-2018 for Oklahoma wheat production and its effects on producers.

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Fact Sheet
Rainfastness for Fallow and In-Season Winter Wheat Herbicides with Postemergence Activity

A list with manufacturer, trade name, common name, rainfastness time and hours until rainfast for fallow and in-season winter wheat herbicides.

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Fact Sheet
Protein Content of Winter Wheat Varieties in Oklahoma — 2017–2018

An overview of management and environmental impacts on the 2017-2018 wheat protein content varieties in Oklahoma.

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Fact Sheet
Drill Condition and Wheat Emergence in Oklahoma: A Survey

A survey on planting accuracy, seeding depth and historical data in correlation to drill condition and wheat emergence.

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Fact Sheet
Impact of Grazing on Wheat Grain Yield

The effect of grazing on wheat grain yield can be minimized by removing cattle by the first hollow stem stage of growth.

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Fact Sheet
Wheat Variety Comparison

Problems and characteristics of varieties of wheat to help make educational decisions.

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