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Rainfastness for Fallow and In-Season Winter Wheat Herbicides with Postemergence Activity

  Manufacturer Trade Name Common Name Rainfastness Timea Hours Until Rainfast
  Many 2,4-D Amine 2,4-D Amine 6 Hours
  Many 2,4-D Ester 2,4-D Ester 1 Hour
  FMC Affinity BroadSpec Thifensulfuron Several Hours
      Tribenuron Several Hours
  FMC Agility SG Dicamba 6 Hours 6
      Metsulfuron 6 Hours 6
      Thifensulfuron 6 Hours 6
      Tribenuron 6 Hours 6
  FMC Ally XP Metsulfuron 4 Hours 4
  FMC Aim Carfentrazone NAb NA
  Syngenta Amber Triasulfuron 4 Hours 4
      Pyroaxasulfone 4 Hours 4
  Syngenta Axial XL Pinoxaden 30 Minutes 0.5
  BASF Beyond Imazamox 1 Hour 1
  Many Many Bromoxynil NA NA
  BASF, Many Clarity, Amine amba DGA Amine 4 Hours 4
  Many Dicamba DMA Ester Dicamba Ester NA NA
  Arysta Everest 2.0 Flucarbazone 1 Hour 1
  FMC Express Tribenuron Several Hours 3
  FMC Finesse Cereal & Fallow Cholorsulfuron 6 Hours 6
      Metsulfuron 6 Hours 6
  FMC Glean XP Cholorsulfuron NA NA
  Many Glyphosate Glyphosate 30 Minutes - 4 Hoursc 4
  Syngenta Gramoxone Paraquat 15-30 Minutes 0.5
  FMC Harmony SG Thifensulfuron Several Hours 3
  FMC Harmony Extra Thifensulfuron Several Hours 3
      Tribenuron Several Hours 3
  Bayer Huskie Bromoxynil 1 Hour 1
      Pyrasulfotole 1 Hour 1
  Bayer Liberty Glufosinate 4 Hours 4
  Many MCPA Amine MCPA Amine NA NA
  Many MCPA Ester MCPA Ester NA NA
  Bayer Olympus Propoxycarbazone 4 Hours 4
  Bayer Osprey Mesosulfuron 4 Hours 4
  Monsanto Outrider Sulfosulfuron 2 Hours 2
  BASF Paramount Quinclorac 6 Hours 6
  Syngenta Peak Prosulfuron 4 Hours 4
  CORTEVA PowerFlex HL Pyroxsulam 4 Hours 4
  CORTEVA Quelex Florasulam  4 Hours 4
      Halauxifen 4 Hours 4
  Syngenta Rave Dicamba  4 Hours 4
      Triasulfuron 4 Hours 4
  BASF Sharpen Saflufenacil 1 Hour 1
  FMC Sentrallas Thifensulfuron 1 Hour 1
      Fluroxypyr 1 Hour 1
  Syngenta Talinor Bromoxynil 1 Hour 1
      Bicyclopyrone 1 Hour 1

a Rainfastness time is listed as it appears on the herbicide label.

b Rainfastness information not available.

c Rainfastness time is dependent on glyphosate formulation.



Misha Manuchehri

Extension Weed Specialist


Maggie Adcock

Undergraduate Researcher


Brian Arnall

Precision Nutrient Management Specialist

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