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Fact Sheet
Aerobic Treatment System

An explanation of the uses and functions of an Aerobic Treatment System and a list of components requiring regular maintenance.

IrrigationMunicipalities & Infrastructure WaterSoilSoil TestingWaste Water ManagementWaterWater & Environmental IssuesWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Turfgrass Management in Oklahoma

Learn how to reduce wind and water erosion by maintaining a healthy turfgrass yard through planning and proper upkeep.

BermudagrassDroughtFescueGardening & Lawn CareHome & Garden Water IssuesLawns & TurfgrassWaterWater ConservationWeather & Disaster PreparednessZoysia
Fact Sheet
Impacts of Lead Ammunition and Sinkers on Wildlife

Information for sportsmen and women regarding the impacts of lead on wildlife species from recreational sport hunting and fishing.

BirdsHuntingPollution, Hazardous Materials, & ContaminationRaptorsWaterWildlife
Fact Sheet
Understanding Your Irrigation Water Test Report

The irrigation water test provides crop owners a comprehensive analysis of water suitability and the first step to irrigation development.

Home & Garden Water IssuesIrrigationWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Understanding Your Household Water Test Report

The household water test provides home owners evaluate water quality and determine treatment needs and costs.

Home & Garden Water IssuesIrrigationWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Phosphorus and Water Quality

The dangers, causes and control methods of phosphorus in water.

WaterWater & Environmental Issues
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