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Fact Sheet
Algal Blooms in Oklahoma: Economic Impacts

The potential negative economic impact that harmful algal blooms can have for Oklahoma lakes and rivers.

Pond ManagementWaterWater & Environmental IssuesWeeds, Algae & Other Pond Problems
Fact Sheet
Aquaculture: Realities and Potentials When Getting Started

General information to help producers gain a better understanding of the challenges involved in establishing a successful fish farm.

Animal Care & Production Water IssuesBeginning FarmingFarm & Ranch FinancesWaterWildlife
Fact Sheet
Agricultural Irrigation with Reclaimed Water: Oklahoma Regulation

Material and information on things to consider when planning to reuse water for irrigation, its uses and Oklahoma specific regulations.

Municipalities & Infrastructure WaterWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Selecting a Lawn Grass for Oklahoma

An aid for successful turf grass management that assists with the selection of turf grass most adapted to the temperatures and moistures found in the state.

DroughtGardening & Lawn CareHome & Garden Water IssuesLawns & TurfgrassWaterWater ConservationWeather & Disaster Preparedness
Fact Sheet
Water Quality Series: Riparian Forest Buffers

The benefits and functions of riparian areas specifically found in Oklahoma.

Home & Garden Water IssuesWaterWater Quality
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