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Fact Sheet
Protect the Illinois River from the Threat of Trash

A guide for awareness and protection from trash pollution in the Illinois River.

WaterWater & Environmental Issues
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Introduction to Groundwater Hydrology and Management

A review of the fundamentals of groundwater flow and hydrology and an introduction to key terms necessary for adequately understanding its use and management.

Fact Sheet
Minimizing Stormwater Runoff by Disconnecting Residential Downspouts

How to disconnect a downspout, the regulations with disconnecting a downspout in Oklahoma and the positive impact this can have on the environment.

Municipalities & Infrastructure WaterWaste Water ManagementWater
Fact Sheet
Rock Gardening in Oklahoma

This circular discusses rock gardening, including site selection, construction of rock detail, and plant selection.

Gardening & Lawn CareHome & Garden Water IssuesWaterWater Conservation
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