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Fact Sheet

Homeowners often wonder how long they should irrigate their lawns, but the amount of water cannot be measured by time. You can estimate how much water your yard...

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Fact Sheet
Pre-Plant Nitrogen Response in Irrigated Corn

A 2018 study was initiated at the McCaull Research and Demonstration farm in the Oklahoma Panhandle to evaluate corn yield response to pre-plant applied nitroge...

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Fact Sheet
Soil, Water & Forage Analytical Laboratory Testing Services and Price List

This fact sheet gives prices for soil, water, and forage testing.

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Fact Sheet
Understanding Soil Water Content and Thresholds for Irrigation Management

A discussion on managing irrigation systems and keeping soil water content in mind.

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Fact Sheet
What Soil, Forage or Water Test Do You Need?

The Oklahoma State University Soil, Water, and Forage Analytical Laboratory (SWFAL) offers many tests that benefit all of the agricultural community (Table 1). ...

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Fact Sheet
Are Herbicides Safe to Use in My Pond?

Dispel worries arising from misunderstandings about aquatic herbicides by learning how to safely utilize them.

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