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Fact Sheet
Riparian Buffer Systems for Oklahoma

A three-zone riparian buffer system can be designed to protect water quality from pesticides, nutrients and sediment in runoff from agricultural crop lands.

Aquatic & Terrestrial EcosystemsMunicipalities & Infrastructure WaterPond ManagementWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Design of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Oklahoma

Measurements, storage, building necessities and maintenance required when constructing and operating a rainwater harvesting system.

Home & Garden Water IssuesWaterWater Conservation
Fact Sheet
Drinking Water Testing

Recommendations for testing water quality and what to look for during the test.

Home & Garden Water IssuesWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Irrigation Water Flow Measurement

Procedures for measuring irrigation flow rate whether it’s by a direct, velocity-area or constricted flow method.

IrrigationIrrigation ManagementWater
Fact Sheet
Surface Irrigation Systems

General information on the key aspects of the three major types of surface irrigation and how to achieve higher efficiencies.

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