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Fact Sheet
Understanding Stormwater Runoff and Low Impact Development (LID)

How to manage stormwater runoff and the benefits of using the low impact development approach in Oklahoma.

FloodingWaterWeather & Disaster Preparedness
Fact Sheet
Water Rate Structure: A Tool for Water Conservation in Oklahoma

Why water rates vary and the structure of water rates to learn how to conserve water efficiently.

Home & Garden Water IssuesWaterWater Conservation
Fact Sheet
Classification of Irrigation Water Quality

Test results, their interpretation and a general recommendation on suitability of the water for irrigation use and how that effect water quality.

IrrigationMunicipalities & Infrastructure WaterSoilSoil Health & FertilityWaterWater Quality
Fact Sheet
Water-based Recreation in Oklahoma: Water Rights, Valuation and Implications For Public Policy, Economic Development and Management

Water-based recreation opportunities, resources and an overview of history in Oklahoma of the complexities of water valuation.

Industrial & Commercial Uses of WaterWater
Fact Sheet
Irrigation Pump System Testing

The importance of inspecting irrigation pumps, pump efficiency and pump improvement.

IrrigationIrrigation ManagementWater
Fact Sheet
The Ogallala Aquifer

Review the statistics of how the expansion of irrigated agriculture in the Oklahoma Panhandle region has effected the water levels of the Ogallala Aquifer.

GroundwaterHome & Garden Water IssuesIrrigationWaterWater Conservation
Fact Sheet
Municipal Water Conservation in Oklahoma: Background, Issues and Options

An overview of the issue of the non-agricultural water conservation in Oklahoma and suggests alternative policies and water use practices in the state.

Municipalities & Infrastructure WaterWaste Water ManagementWater
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