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Fact Sheet
Low-Cost Pecan Sanitizer Plans for Small-Scale Producers

How the construction of a pecan sanitizer plays a role in the functionality of the sanitization process.

CropsFertilizationFood ProductsFruits & Tree NutsPecans & WalnutsSoil
Fact Sheet
DEQ/OSU Soil Classification Manual

This bulletin provides information for identifying key soil characteristics for design and sizing of individual and small public on-site sewage treatment systems.

SoilSoil Testing
Fact Sheet
Using Lagoon Effluent as Fertilizer

The steps to properly manage and use lagoon effluent as a nutrient source for crop production.

CropsSoilSoil Health & Fertility
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Conservation Tillage in Oklahoma: Perceptions and Demographics of Producers

This circular discusses conservation tillage, and how producers manage it.

SoilSoil Conservation
Fact Sheet
Nitrogen Rich Strips for Wheat, Corn, and Other Crops

This circular discusses using nitrogen strips to help determine if your crop is at optimum efficiency.

CornCropsGrains & OilseedsSoilSoil Health & FertilityWheat
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