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Fact Sheet
Oklahoma High School Achievement: Do Small Schools Perform Better or Worse?

A comparison of performance and statistics of Oklahoma high schools by size.

Community & Rural Improvement
Fact Sheet
Duties and Responsibilities of Non-Elected County Officials and Boards

An oversight of various county boards and land use planning commissions with details on the objectives of all county boards and their roles in the communities.

Community & Rural ImprovementCounty & Local Government
Fact Sheet
Agritourism in Oklahoma

An explanation of Oklahoma agritourism, the importance of the industry and the challenges that the field faces.

AgritourismBusiness Strategy & MarketingCommunity & Rural ImprovementEconomic Development
Fact Sheet
EMR Adoption Across Oklahoma

The adoption rate and characteristics of using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in the health industry.

Community & Rural ImprovementEconomic Development
Fact Sheet
The Volunteer Teacher Series: Teaching Adults

A resource guide to help adults understand how to teach other adults in an informal setting.

Community & Rural ImprovementLeadership & Volunteer Development
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?

Common questions about healthcare and resources available for more information on insurance plans.

Ag Law, Taxes, & InsuranceCommunity & Rural ImprovementInsurance
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