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Who We Are

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Cooperative Extension is made up of human scientists, including county educators and extension specialists, from the OSU College of Education and Human Sciences who focus on issues that affect our daily lives. These issues include health, hunger, environment, finances, family breakdown, jobs and employment, resilience, risky behaviors, safety and more. We work closely with OSU Extension’s 4-H Youth Development to support positive youth development in the state by bringing the best science to solving problems and enhancing lives.


Our goal is to help Oklahoma families, youth and individuals develop and grow in safe and healthy ways. We accomplish this through research-based education that meets community needs and ultimately improves lives, society and the economy.


What We Do

We offer an extensive menu of educational programs focused on statewide initiatives to help improve the lives of all Oklahomans. Click below to learn more.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an FCS county educator?

    Each county in Oklahoma has a Family and Consumer Science county educator. These educators work with the county, district and state to bring needed resources and education to areas all around Oklahoma. Each county has a variety of issues they are facing, and the FCS county educators are specially trained in addressing these issues through education and outreach to the community. They also serve as county advisors to Oklahoma Home and Community Education, Inc. (OHCE) and can be involved other community organizations that serve to help others.

  • What is an FCS program leader?

    The FCS program leader is the assistant director of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service in charge of the Family and Consumer Sciences programs in the state. The FCS Program Leader serves as state advisor to Oklahoma Home and Community Education, Inc. (OHCE) and directs the work of the state specialists who design programs for the public and train all the FCS county educators. Since each county has different needs and addresses different issues, the programs they deliver can vary widely. It is then the responsibility of FCS program leader to ensure the programs are being presented according to research-based curricula and resources and that the community needs of the people we serve are addressed.

  • What is an FCS district program specialist?

    Oklahoma is split into districts that encompass all the counties in the state. Each of these districts house different populations ranging from urban to rural and wealthy to poor. It is the responsibility of the FCS district program specialist to make sure that all counties are up to date on their program specifics and that the FCS county educators are up to date on their certifications and trainings. They also serve as the district advisors to Oklahoma Home and Community Education, Inc. (OHCE).

  • What is an FCS state specialist?

    FCS state specialists are OSU faculty members who have gone through extensive research and training in their specialized field. These different fields include food and nutrition, gerontology and aging issues, housing, leadership development and family policy, community nutrition education programs, money management, emergency preparedness and children and families, among others. It is the job of the state specialist to make sure that all programs are presented correctly and that the counties and districts are reaching their goals. Since each county has different needs, the state specialist must be in contact with FCS county educators all over the state to address any issues pertaining to existing and future educational needs.

  • What is OHCE?

    Oklahoma Home and Community Education, Inc. (OHCE), is a state-wide organization that helps individual members, their families and communities develop a higher level of living through education. OHCE’s ultimate mission is to educate its members to be well-informed and able to handle change in their homes and communities. This organization is well positioned to develop community leaders and informed citizens through research based educational programs. Through the partnership with the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, OHCE is able to provide further opportunities to apply community service projects statewide.

  • What are CE-FCS Ambassadors?

    Cooperative Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Ambassadors is an association supporting Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service with youth and family programs. FCS Ambassadors are committed to enhancing the economic and personal well-being of Oklahoma families and youth through research based information. This is done through providing support, becoming involved and providing counsel to better educate Oklahoma’s youth and families.


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