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Family and Consumer Sciences District & State Office

Suzette Barta

Family and Consumer Sciences Extension and Community Engagement Coordinator
(405) 744-3145

Becky Brown

Community Nutrition Education Program Project Coordinator
(405) 744-6699

Cindy Conner

Family & Consumer Sciences Program Specialist, Northwest District (Enid)
(580) 233-5295

Patricia Debow

Community Nutrition Education Program Senior Accounting Specialist
(405) 744-6283

Katey Masri

Human Development & Family Science Co-Parenting for Resilience Program Coordinator
(405) 744-8428

Brenda Miller

Family & Consumer Sciences Program Specialist, Northeast District (Muskogee)
(918) 686-7800

Kimberly Nolting

Family & Consumer Sciences Administrative Associate, Extension and Engagement, Continuing Education
(405) 744-3135

Gina Peek

Interim Associate Dean for Extension, Engagement and Continuing Education, and Assistant Director of Family and Consumer Sciences Extension
(405) 744-9521

Sharon Robinson

Family and Consumer Sciences Extension, Engagement, and Continuing Education Administrative Support Specialist
(405) 744-6280

Kimberly Williams

Family & Consumer Sciences Program Evaluation Specialist
(405) 744-9921

Family and Consumer Sciences Specialists

Matthew Brosi

Human Development & Family Sciences Associate Professor, Marriage and Family Extension Specialist
(405) 744-3633

Ashlea Braun

Nutritional Sciences Associate Professor,
Health and Rehabilitation Extension Specialist
(405) 744-5041

Ronald Cox, Jr.

Human Development & Family Science Associate Professor, Child and Family Resilience Extension Specialist
(405) 744-9938

Candance Gable

Nutritional Sciences, Assistant Extension Specialist, Coordinator for Community Nutrition Education Program
(405) 744-9942

Janice Hermann

Nutritional Sciences Professor, Adult and Older Adult Nutrition Extension Specialist
(405) 744-4601

Deana Hildebrand

Nutritional Sciences Associate Professor, Maternal and Child Nutrition Extension Specialist
(405) 744-5059

Laura Hubbs-Tait

Human Development & Family Science Regents Professor, Family Resiliency Extension Specialist
(405) 744-8360

Jenni Klufa

Nutritional Sciences Assistant Extension Specialist - Youth Community Nutrition Education Program
(405) 744-9929

Diana Romano

Nutritional Sciences Assistant Extension Specialist - Adult Community Nutrition Education Program
(405) 744-2625

Mike Stout

Human Development at OSU-Tulsa Associate Professor, Family and Community Policy Extension Specialist
(918) 594-8311

Family and Consumer Sciences Emeritus

Barbara Brown

Nutritional Sciences Associate Professor, Food Extension Specialist
(405) 744-6940

Cindy Clampet

Human Development & Family Sciences, Family Resource Management Assistant Extension Specialist
(405) 744-6581


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