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Fact Sheet
Pet Emergency Preparedness

How to organize an emergency preparedness plan for animals.

Fact Sheet
Burn Plan for Prescribed Burning

How to effectively form a burn plan for prescribed burning including pre-burn preparations and a prescribed burn notification form.

ForestryPrescribed FireRangeland ManagementWildlife
Fact Sheet
Oklahoma’s Native Vegetation Types

A list of the diverse plant species and communities in Oklahoma.

Rangeland ManagementSoilWildlife
Fact Sheet
Scaled Quail Ecology and Management in Oklahoma

Learn about the scaled quail in western Oklahoma and how to create and manage an ecology for the species to thrive.

BirdsBobwhite QuailWildlife
Fact Sheet
Firebreaks for Prescribed Burning

Firebreaks, also known as fireguards, are one of the most important elements of a properly conducted prescribed fire.

ForestryPrescribed FireRangeland ManagementWildlife
Fact Sheet
Mortality Management Options During an Avian Influenza Outbreak

The importance of disposal by burial, incineration, landfilling and composting when a flock is inflected with avian influenza.

Fact Sheet
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for the Home Landscape

When pest problems do arise, one can follow the IPM management suggestions which focus on having the least possible impact on human health and the environment.

Indoor Insects & PestsInsects, Pests, and DiseasesReptilesWildlife
Fact Sheet
Management of Sand Sagebrush Rangelands

A summary of the basic ecology of sand sagebrush and proper guidance on how its management will impact sand sagebrush plant communities.

BirdsBobwhite QuailBrush Control (Invasive Woody Plants)Fire Effects on Plants & SoilsLesser Prairie ChickenPrescribed FireRangeland ManagementWildlife
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