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Fact Sheet
Regulatory Landscape for the Direct Marketing of Meat and Poultry in Oklahoma

Owners of livestock and poultry in Oklahoma may have interest in marketing their animals, a portion of their animals or the meat/poultry from those animals directly to consumers. To accomplish this, the animals must be slaughtered and processed and prepared as finished meat/poultry cuts. There are four basic regulatory avenues for the direct marketing of meat/poultry, and each category has respective specifications and limitations within.

Beef CattleFood ProcessingFood ProductsLivestockPackaging & LabelingPigs, Hogs, SwinePoultryRegulations, Customer Requirements & Compliance
Fact Sheet
Market Research Study: Organic, Free-range and Pasture Poultry

A study of the public’s general consensus towards organic, free-range and pasture poultry and where those trends are predicted to go.

Business Strategy & MarketingFood ProductsLivestockMarketing Strategy & TacticsPoultry
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Broiler Production: Considerations for Potential Growers

The factors that someone evaluating broiler production as an alternative and/or complementary farm enterprise should consider when operating.

BroilersFarm & Ranch FinancesFood ProductsLivestockPoultry
Fact Sheet
Backyard Flock Production

A general guide to raising birds with tips on housing, breed selection, diet, disease protection and production practices to maintain a healthy flock.

Backyard PoultryLivestockPoultry
Fact Sheet
An Alternative Poultry Litter Storage Technique for Improved Handling, Transport and Application: The “Mass Reduction System”

Implementation of the mass reduction system for improved handling, transportation and application as well as the economic benefits of poultry litter.

FertilizationLivestockManure & Litter ManagementPoultrySoil
Fact Sheet
Proper Disposal of Routine and Catastrophic Livestock and Poultry Mortality

Proper livestock and poultry disposal methods of on-farm animal mortalities for farming operations.

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