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Fact Sheet
Buyer Preferences for Feeder Calf Traits

How to identify traits that affect the price of calves and potential marketing and management strategies that should improve market prices for calves.

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Fact Sheet
Stocking Rate Determination on Native Rangeland

An explanation on how stocking rates effect livestock production, how stocking rates correlate to harvest efficiency and calculations behind stocking rates.

Animal Unit Month (AUM)Beef CattleGrazing ManagementLivestockRangeland ManagementStocker CattleStocking Rate
Fact Sheet
Oklahoma SUPERGOLD Q&A: Late-season Supplementation Program for Stocker Cattle

A series of questions and answers regarding the formulation and application of the Oklahoma Super Gold program.

Beef CattleLivestockLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionLivestock NutritionStocker Cattle
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
First Hollow Stem: A Critical Wheat Growth Stage for Dual-Purpose Producers

An explanation as to why first hollow stem is the best time to remove cattle from a wheat pasture and clarification that points to when this timing occurs.

Beef CattleCropsGrains & OilseedsLivestockStocker CattleWheat
Fact Sheet
Stocking Rate: The Key to Successful Livestock Production

No other single management practice affects profitability of livestock more than stocking rate, learn how to determine the proper stocking rate for your land.

Animal Unit Month (AUM)Beef CattleCarrying CapacityGrazing ManagementLivestockRangeland ManagementStocker Cattle
Fact Sheet
Oklahoma GOLD Q&A Late-season Supplementation Program for Stocker Cattle

A question and answer session regarding the supplementation program for stocker cattle.

Beef CattleLivestockStocker Cattle
Fact Sheet
Stocker Cattle Production and Management Practices in Oklahoma

A summarization of the results from two surveys distributed to beef producers with a cow-calf herd and those with only stocker cattle.

Beef CattleGrazing ManagementLivestockRangeland ManagementStocker Cattle
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