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Fact Sheet
Herbicide How-To: Understanding Herbicide Mode of Action

Learn how herbicides can be used, the weeds it will control and the appropriate rate to design a successful weed management program.

HerbicidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticides
Fact Sheet
Herbicide How-To: Maximizing Glyphosate Activity

An explanation of some of the subtle differences between glyphosate products that can impact procedures and important considerations when using them.

HerbicidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticides
Fact Sheet
Choosing a Pest Management Professional for Bed Bug Control

An explanation of questions you should ask an exterminator before and after your bed bug inspection/treatment and how to prevent re-infestation.

Indoor Insects & PestsInsecticidesInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticides
Fact Sheet
Foliar Diseases of Soybeans

How to identify foliar diseases in soybeans and information about treatment methods that correlate with those diseases.

CropsFungicidesGrains & OilseedsInsects, Pests, and DiseasesPesticidesSoybeans
Fact Sheet
A Calendar for Pecan Growers

A calendar for running a complete, well-rounded cultural program for the production of high-quality pecans.

CropsFruits & Tree NutsInsects, Pests, and DiseasesOrganic & SustainablePecans & WalnutsPesticides
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