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Fact Sheet
Agribusiness Management Series Oklahoma Wheat Stocker Purchase Planner

With user-supplied data, the program is aimed to help wheat stocker producer’s project economic profitability of their wheat stocker enterprises.

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Fact Sheet
Agribusiness Management Series: Oklahoma Wheat Stocker Graze Out Decision Aid

Wheat stocker producers can learn to predict the best time to stop grazing winter wheat and understand how to interpret the results.

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Fact Sheet
Application of Water-base Drilling Mud to Winter Wheat: Impact of Application Timing on Yield and Soil Properties

The impact of the application of water-based drilling mud on winter wheat yield and its soil properties.

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Fact Sheet
First Hollow Stem: A Critical Wheat Growth Stage for Dual-Purpose Producers

An explanation as to why first hollow stem is the best time to remove cattle from a wheat pasture and clarification that points to when this timing occurs.

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Fact Sheet
Farmer-Saved Wheat Seed in Oklahoma: Questions and Answers

A brief summary of frequently asked questions regarding farmer-saved wheat seed.

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Fact Sheet
Major Foliar Fungal Diseases of Wheat in Oklahoma

The major foliar diseases such as rusts, powdery mildew, septoria leaf blotch and glume blotch and tan spot and how to manage these diseases.

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Fact Sheet
Feeding High Quality, Low Test Weight and Sprouted Wheat

Information on the digestibility and cost effectiveness of feeding wheat of different variables to beef cattle compared to corn.

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Fact Sheet
Single Herbicides and Herbicide Premixes for Use in Winter Wheat

Learn about the strategy of managing or delaying resistance in winter wheat through the rotation of herbicides and use of herbicide premixes.

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