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Doublestop CL Plus

Two-gene Clearfield® technology for the Great Plains

A bar graph highlighting the key traits of Doublestop CL Plus wheat variety and where they rank compared to the average wheat varieties.


  • Two-gene technology offers improved control of problem weeds such as feral rye and jointed goatgrass
  • Excellent test weight in a late-maturity wheat with good protein content and quality
  • Yield stability across a wide range of environments, including drought stressed Area of adaptation.and high-yield systems
  • Endurance-type graze-ability with great forage production and late first hollow stem
  • Tolerant of acid soils
  • Moderately resistant to leaf and strip rust
  • Moderately susceptible to powdery mildew
  • Resistant to wheat soilborne mosaic but inconsistent resistance to wheat spindle streak mosaic
  • Intermediate resistance to barley yellow dwarf
  • Yield information for Doublestop CL Plus and other wheat varieties can be found at


Where to Purchase

Doublestop CL Plus is marketed through a licensing agreement with Oklahoma Genetics Inc. Website:

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