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Fact Sheet
Biology and Control of the Plum Curculio in Fruit Trees in Oklahoma

The biology and control of the plum curculio in Oklahoma including where to find current insecticide recommendations in order to keep fruit trees healthy.

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Fact Sheet
Rootstocks for Grape Production

An explanation on what rootstocks are, their individual resistances and their adaptabilities in Oklahoma in order to optimize grape production.

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Fact Sheet
Growing Muscadine Grapes in Oklahoma

Before choosing grape cultivars, select from those that are adapted to your region and consider some of these helpful growing suggestions.

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Fact Sheet
Four-Flap Grafting of Pecans

A step by step process to use a four-flap graft method to convert small seedling pecan trees and branches of larger trees.

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Fact Sheet
Growing and Producing Pears in Oklahoma

Learn tips and tricks for growing three main types of pears – European, Oriental Hybrid and Asian in the state of Oklahoma.

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