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Fact Sheet
Commercial Blackberry Production

Blackberries are an attractive crop for commercial fruit and vegetable growers, but there are a few things one should before starting to grow them.

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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Growing Elderberries in Oklahoma

Native to Oklahoma, elderberries is a crop often harvested from the wild for a variety of uses while also supplying significant health benefits.

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Fact Sheet
Watermelon Production

All about planting and caring for watermelon and best practices to have a successful growing season.

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Fact Sheet
A Calendar for Pecan Growers

A calendar for running a complete, well-rounded cultural program for the production of high-quality pecans.

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Fact Sheet
Fertilizing Pecan and Fruit Trees

A look at how plant and fruit production can be stimulated by cultivation, heavy pruning, irrigation and application of fertilizer.

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Fact Sheet
Cantaloupe Production

The details and information needed to begin cantaloupe production including; sites and soils, varieties, diseases, harvesting and marketing tips.

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