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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Soil, Water & Forage Analytical Laboratory Testing Services and Price List

This fact sheet gives prices for soil, water, and forage testing.

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Fact Sheet
What Soil, Forage or Water Test Do You Need?

The Oklahoma State University Soil, Water, and Forage Analytical Laboratory (SWFAL) offers many tests that benefit all of the agricultural community (Table 1). ...

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Fact Sheet
Oklahoma Agricultural Soil Test Summary 2014-2017

Soil fertility information for an individual county or a whole state is necessary for estimating nutrient needs, tracking changes in soil pH and nutrient levels...

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Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Evaluation of Phosphorus Fertilizer Recommendations in No-Till Winter Wheat

This report provides a brief summary of the results from an experiment meant to determine determine the efficacy of the current recommendations in no-till grain-only wheat production.

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